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Note 566527 - Composite SAP Note for DP performance in APO 3.1

Note 566527 - Composite SAP Note for DP performance in APO 3.1



Performance problems occur in SAP APO Demand Planning.

Other terms

Performance, Demand Planning

Reason and Prerequisites

This is a composite SAP Note with references to more notes, that contain descriptions, corrections, proposals and improvements which can contribute to the improvement of the performance of an SAP-APO system 3.0 or 3.1.

@1D@ This Note is not updated anymore. Due to its
scope it was converted in a more user-friendly format.
Use the following link and use the current document
on the SAP Service Marketplace.

Or the path -> mySAP SCM Technology
-> Performance and Configuration

The document which opens contains a macro which you ought to confirm in the beginning to be able to use the selection options optimally.


Select the notes relevant for your scenarios and check prior to the implementation, whether they are valid for your system environment concerning your support package status.

Collection of the performance-relevant notes for APO FCS 3.1

Support Package independent:
512184 Background processing: Periodically delete job log
426806 Memory/performance problems during data extraction
549184 FAQ: What is important for extraction
546079 FAQ: Background jobs in Demand Planning
378509 Oracle DB parameter setting for APO
540571 Collective consulting note for data extraction in
521639 Generation of DB alerts in the background
512184 Background processing: Job log periodic
503363 Use and administration of fixed aggregates in the
519014 Processing of the planning version administration
403050 DP 3.0 consulting: Release of DP to SNP
398726 DP 3.0: Planning book/data view performance
428102 Performance: Loading planning area version
357789 APO 3.0 consulting: Horizons forecast and planning folder
458131 BW reporting in APO systems
458077 For all entries: Performance problems in APO Demand


591248 Performance improvement when excluding PPM read.
576150 Performance Problems After Running a Drilldown Macro

575150 Modification of promotion reporting, nodes are not expanded Nodes become ex
576071 Performance improvement during extraction of data
573816 Improvement of performance during planning consumption
566930 CBF performance when selecting values
552240 Performance improvement with use of

558820 Long runtime in planning planned indep.
558709 Addition of the note 529663
564316 Small improvements life cycle profile assignment

555136 Performance problem during realignment
556098 Performance improvement about reading the shipping calendar
551862 Improved performance for consumption in the CIF
of characteristics combinations from IC
549136 After deletion of note incorrect icon displayed
547901 Initialization of DP BOM relation:

537076 Notes for partial selections
522249 Performance realignment of notes
546093 Extraction of InfoCube key figures with APO/BW requests
543015 Performance improvement during plan explosion with CBF
541028 Performance improvement during update II
545598 CBF: performance improvement in BOM explosion

543275 Performance improvement with location selection
377831 /SAPAPO/T445SELO or /SAPAPO/TSSELORG not compared
537058 Improving performance when navigating in the grid
530504 Improving performance in the grid

525044 Performance, consistency of key figures (InfoObjects)
528590 Performance improvement when reading charact.
525233 Initialization of DP BOM relation:
529607 Performance of the proportion calculation in DP BOM scenario
529663 Performance with the /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_CONS_CHECK
531611 Performance: Buffering of source/target of
531455 Alert function improvement
530680 Performance improvement proportion calculation with

515120 Performance of the extraction of InfoCube based
510940 Prod. allocations: /SAPAPO/ATPQ_PAREA_R

514593 Performance improvement with DP background processing
517457 Performance bei Drill Down in Interactive demand planning
509416 Improving the performance during requirements adjustment
506185 CBF: Generated programs are too large (Part 4)
513632 CBF: Performance of programs generation
512801 Poor performance while selecting values Part II
512586 Performance Improvement when Updating with CBF
516530 Improving performance during update II
514672 Performance improvement in deleting selections
512910 Performance improvement for graphics
512635 Planning areas not displayed in the display
509388 Performance improvement forecast
508757 Prod. allocations: Runtime error DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR
508440 Performance improvement when loading notes

511196 Long runtime when you access DP mass processing
506106 Poor performance in selecting values
501098 Generation of DB indices for selection/notes table
499212 Performance improvement during calc.
508236 Performance improvement of the Interactive Planning
506731 Poor performance with drill-down with many Dets
505886 Performance improvement with the drilldown
502722 Performance improvement definition LIKE II

499369 Addition to Note 488020
498630 Performance: Evaluation of characteristic values by macros
452544 Performance improvement in life cycle assignment
500544 Performance with the aggregated reading of data
494523 Performance improvement with Add-BOM function
500406 Performance improvement definition LIKE
500497 Performance improvement when filtering SDP alerts

Header Data

Release Status:Released for Customer
Released on:17.07.2003 08:19:39
Master Language:German
Priority:Recommendations/additional info
Primary Component:SV-BO Backoffice Service Delivery
Secondary Components:SCM-APO-FCS Demand Planning

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