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Note 375965 - APO Consulting: Alerts in forecast

Note 375965 - APO Consulting: Alerts in forecast



If you want to set limits for forecast errors, from which alerts should be created, you maintain the diagnosis group in the univariate forecast profile or in the profile for the multiple linear regression. If you do not maintain a value limit for a certain forecast error in the diagnosis group, the value of this forecast error is ignored and alerts are never created. The definition of an alert profile in Transaction /SAPAPO/AMON1 does not influence the generation of alerts in any way. Forecast alerts are always warnings. You can overwrite this default in the Customizing under APO - Alert Monitor - Maintain prioritization of alert types.
In APO 3.0/3.1, you can assign an alert profile for forecast, SDP and TLB to every user. This influences the display in interactive demand planning. We recommend that you carry out this assignment. In the forecast views, you can have the forecast alerts displayed which were created for this planning book and data view. In the main view, you can also see forecast alerts for the version and the selection.
In APO 3.0/3.1, you can also make settings to ensure that already existing alerts are deleted for the current combination of planning book, data view, forecast key figure and planning version before each forecast is made in interactive sales planning. With user parameter /SAPAPO/FCST_ALDE, you can make sure that only the alerts for the current selection are deleted. Please also refer to Note 350065.
Follow the menu path 'Settings' -> 'Assign alert profile' in interactive demand planning. In addition to this, you can make settings for alert profiles by following the menu path 'Demand Planning'-> 'Current Settings' -> 'Assignment of planner to alert profiles'. In APO 3.0/3.1, there is no delete function in batch that would take into account selections directly. If alerts are deleted, always all alerts for the planning book and data view are deleted. If this is not desired, you need to use the delete functions of the Alert Monitor.

As of Release SCM 4.0, you can also control in batch that only the alerts for the selection are deleted before running the forecast. To do this, set the relevant indicator in the activity. In interactive demand planning, the alerts for the selection can now also be displayed in forecast view.

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