Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CSCP Sample Question 1 - Demand Management

Source: APICS CSCP Learning System

Which one of the following functional areas is primarily responsible for demand forecasting?
* Purchasing
* Executive team
* Sales and marketing
* IT

Guess anyone who's working on APO DP for a while knows the answers very well.

Correct: it's Sales and marketing
Demand management relies on marketing because marketing is must provide input to the demand plan. This input is necessary because marketing and sales are the people who are closest to prospects and customers. At some organizations, marketing and sales are considered to “own” the demand plan, while at others, this is the role of the demand manager. At the very least, marketing and sales are typically considered responsible and accountable for forecasting.

Beautiful Program to delete DTPs (Data Transfer Processes)

When you got burned to deal with some bogey DTP issues, after you've tried everything to activate it, deactivate it, delete it, still no success? Don't given up. Here's your new best friend.

Try this program RSBKDTPDELETE. Work like a charm. Only thing is it doesn't generate transport request, you need to run this program in Development, QA and Production systems separately.

Hope it helps.