Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Improve performance of Interactive Planning


In the Interactive Planning, the system becomes very slow for loading selection, saving data, switching between change/display mode, and also for drilldown.

System trace has been conducted. And it was found that disproportionate amount of time spent in a function call OLE_FLUSH_CALL. This is basically communication function with the GUI. 13/15secs has been used for GUI access time. Actual transaction is only for two secs.

SAP's recommendations for resolution of high GUI time is:
Transaction SESSION_MANAGER is one of the top transactions on your system in terms of response. We also found that a significant proportion of response times are caused by high GUI time and roll in + wait time.The load caused by the transaction SESSION_MANAGER, combined with the high roll in + wait time could indicate that the SAP Easy Access menu is not configured correctly and should be tuned to improve overall response times. It is also possible that your users have been assigned disproportionately large user menus. We advise you to ensure there are a reasonable number of entries (nodes) in the User Menu. Please refer to SAP Note 203617. A high roll wait time or gaps in response time could be a first indication of a slow network between the GUI and the SCM instance. We were precluded from performing a network check as there were no enough presentation servers during this EarlyWatch session. We recommend you to verify the network throughput through "LAN Check by Ping" test as recommended in section 7.1 of this report. If needed contact your network vendor for detailed analysis. Also, please ensure that your front-end computers meet the requirements of SAP Note 26417.