Monday, October 26, 2020

HCI Interview questions

How would you map a source system with target system in general to start with simple step by step based on your past experience?
A: what're the source systems you integrated?, what are the attributes and key figures, planning level, roots, 
HCI flow: Project->process->data flow->task

In ECC, what are the ways you have used to extract the data.
Table VS Extractor VS ABAP query(in HCI)?

In HCI, where do you write the program at? where you put in the code?
filter, join, preload and postload script, abap query, 

DataStore, view, map the fields,

HCI issues:
1. design phase, logic to be added, validation logic, ABAP syntax is not there in HCI, 
hard to validate the data, won't be able to debug, 
2. what's the challenge,
3. HCI task, executing, when running into an error in between, how would you handle it? full load, delta load?
you can run the job in IBP, or in HCI,
If in IBP via application jobs, template, it has sequence; if job fails, create a new job, run from failed step

Second way: trigger the job in HCI task, if job fails, rerun individual task, not the entire process, no need to create a new process.

ECC important tables: MARA, Process order table: 
VA02 sales order, 

Explain Root attributes?