Monday, February 9, 2009

Important SAP Notes to Optimize SCM Systems

Important SAP Notes for SCM Systems

To optimize system performance and to prevent data loss or system downtime, implement the following SAP

202344 Setting up DB connection in OSS
384077 APO: Optimizing CIF Communication
458077 For All Entries: Performance Problems in APO Demand Planning
425825 Consistency Checks

386714 SQLSTUDIO + DBMGUI Installation from sapserv
487972 Operating System Parameterization of the liveCache server
458221 Network problems between LiveCache and Application server
516661 liveCache performance problems with OMS_HEAP_COUNT
521870 Consistency check (verify) of a liveCache
608608 Creating the Optimizer statistics in the liveCache
749904 mount options for liveCache/SAPDB/MAXDB on Solaris with VxFS
872157 No history data in DB50
719652 'Setting initial parameters for liveCache 7.5 or 7.6
800927 Standard jobs in the SCM/APO area
990868 RZ20: liveCache subtree applications not available
833216 Parameter values as of liveCache versions 7.6 and 7.7

Reorganizing of the liveCache
550977 Checkpoint or Reorg-Daily job deletes used simulations
679118 Which operations are performed by /SAPAPO/OM_REORG_DAILY

954261 Function of program /SAPAPO/OM_DELETE_OLD_SIMSESS

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