Sunday, June 13, 2010

LiveCache transaction and tables

If you only want to see the data, some 'standard' livecache data is viewable using standard transactions.

/SAPAPO/OM19 Livecache Browser

/SAPAPO/OM16 Data Viewer

If you want to extract or report this data, then you will need to enlist the services of a Livecache ABAPer.

Also, do check on these tables:

/SAPAPO/BWEXDSRC APO -> BW: Data Source - Extractor

/SAPAPO/BWEXTRAC APO -> BW: Extractors for Transactional Data

/SAPAPO/BWEXTRFM APO -> BW: Formula to Calculate a Key Figure

/SAPAPO/BWEXTRIN APO -> BW: Dependent Extractors

/SAPAPO/BWEXTRMP APO -> BW: Mapping Extractor Structure Field

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