Thursday, July 30, 2009

Configure Transfer to OLTP Systems


IMG, Advanced Planning and Optimization->Supply Chain Planning->Supply Network Planning (SNP)->Basic Settings->Configure Transfer to OLTP Systems


In this IMG activity, you set how orders that are created, changed, or deleted during SNP planning, are transferred to an OLTP system. The following options are available:

  • No Transfer: The orders are not transferred to an OLTP system.
  • Immediate Transfer: The orders are transferred to an OLTP system immediately during SNP planning.
  • Periodic Transfer: The orders are first collected together and are then able to be transferred to an OLTP system using the CIF (APO Core Interface) transaction Process Change Pointer.

You can also exclude certain types of orders from transfer, such as SNP stock transfers where no source location exists.

For the processes of aggregated planning and planning with aggregated resources, you can define which orders you want to be transferred that were created at the different levels of a location product hierarchy. The default value is that only the orders for the sub products (suborders) are transferred.

For deployment, you can also specify whether you want the deployment stock transfers generated in the deployment run to be transferred to the OLTP system as a stock transport requisition or a stock transport order.

In addition, it is still possible to choose between a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) scenario and a non-VMI scenario.


If you have specified that you want deployment stock transfers to be transferred as stock transport orders to the OLTP system, they cannot be planned again or changed.

Note that the settings you make in the CIF transaction User Settings, can overwrite the settings made here. The following rules are valid:

  • CIF setting Default: The settings that are made within this SNP IMG activity are valid.
  • CIF setting Collect changes: The orders are first collected (periodic transfers). The CIF setting overwrites the SNP setting.
  • CIF setting Do not collect changes: The orders are transferred immediately during planning. The CIF setting overwrites the SNP setting.

If you set No transfer in this SNP IMG activity, the orders are not transferred, even if another setting has been made in the CIF transaction.

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