Friday, June 19, 2009

Note 506393 - Conversion exits when creating characteristics combinations

You would like to create or generate characteristics combinations for a planning object structure. The planning object structure contains one or more characteristics that have been assigned a conversion exit in the information object definition. This note describes how to deal with this situation.Solution
When characteristics combinations are created manually using transaction '/SAPAPO/MC62', the InfoObject conversion routines run. This means that you enter the external display of the characteristic value on the screen. However, only the internal display of the characteristic value that is determined by the conversion routine is stored.During the generation of characteristics combinations from an InfoCube using transaction '/SAPAPO/MC 62' no conversion routines are executed. This means that the characteristic values must be saved in the internal format in the InfoCube. You can display the InfoCube data in the 'LIST CUBE' using the option 'Do not use any conversion' in the internal display.If the data in the InfoCube is not saved in the internal format and the characteristics combinations are generated from this, different problems may occur in demand planning. One typical problem is that you cannot select your products in Interactive Planning. If you have generated your characteristics combinations with an incorrect internal display, you must delete the characteristics combinations and generate the characteristics combinations again with correct InfoCube data.
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