Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Note 358330 - Delete old temp. qty assignments with pers. ind.

You want to delete temporary quantity assignments, which exceeded a predetermined date and which have a determined persistence indicator.Additional key words
Delta records, /SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_OLDERCause and prerequisites
You can use report /SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_OLDER to delete old temporary quantity assignments (refer to Note 315507). However, up to now this report was able to delete old quantity assignments only according to user and type (product availability, product allocation, planning, network).Solution
This correction extends report /SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_OLDER so that you can also include persistence indicators (not persistent, pre persistent, persistent) The system will then only delete temp. quantity assignments, which correspond to one of the transferred persistence indicators.For this correction, you first have to import a new COM object (SAPAPO COM build 24 or higher) for the liveCache. The procedure is described in Note 359074. You do not need to re-initialize the liveCache.In addition to the attached source code corrections, the following measures are required:
1. Call Transaction SE11. Select Data type and enter /SAPAPO/PERSIND_LIST. Choose the Create button. Select Structure. As Short text, enter 'List of Boolean values, determines the persistence indicator'. Enter the following components with component type:
2. NORMAL XFELDPREPERS XFELDPERSIST XFELDChoose the Activate button. Enter /SAPAPO/ATP as Development class.
3. Call Transaction SE37. Enter /SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_DATE and choose the Change button. Choose tab title Import. Enter new parameter:IS_PERSINDLST TYPE /SAPAPO/PERSIND_LIST X
4. Choose the Activate button.
5. By using Transaction SE38, start the Editor and enter /SAPAPO/OM_DELTA_REMOVE_OLDER. Choose Change. In the menu, choose Goto->Text elements->Text symbols. In the table, make the following entry: 007 Persistence indicator. Choose the Activate button.In the menu, now choose Goto->Text elements->Selection texts. If the attached source code corrections are already made, three table entries appear, having the names PI1, PI2 and PI3 at which the text is missing. Enter the following:
6. PI1 not persistentPI2 pre persistentPI3 persistentThen choose the Activate button.
Implement the attached program corrections.Source code corrections

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