Monday, June 8, 2009

Consistency Check between SCM and R3

Checks for Internal Consistency:
/SAPAPO/DMOPR_REORG_CTP - Backorder Elimination in Capable-to-Promise, Note: 426563,
You can plan report /SAPAPO/DMOPR_REORG_CTP to run regularly (for example, weekly) in the background. You cannot and must not define variants. There does not need to be parallel processing because the runtime is not critical.
The program run deletes the reservations of components and capacities. A results list is not created — there is no need to process or work through the results.

/SAPAPO/OM17 - Internal Consistency Check for Setup Matrixes
/SAPAPO/MATRIX_TO_LC_SEND - generate the inconsistent setup matrices in liveCache
As well as the case described above (connection error to liveCache), we also recommend running the report before each consistency check for resources

Report /SAPAPO/MATRIX_TO_LC_SEND must not be run in parallel. This is not necessary because the runtime is not critical. You can run other activities in the system.
You can view the results list in the application log (transaction SLG1). Note that this log is not stored under the user name. You can find it under the object APO and sub-object PPDS.

/SAPAPO/REST02 - Internal Consistency Check for Resources

/SAPAPO/OM11 - Livecache Application log

/SAPAPO/ATPQ_CHKUSG - Internal Consistency Check for Product Allocations.

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