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Note 519014 - Handling Planning Version Management.

In version management, problems can occur while creating, copying, or deleting a version. In this note, some hints and  notes to fix these problems are collected. This note will be updated permanently
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/SAPAPO/MVM, /SAPAPO/VERCOP,/SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_TRANS,/SAPAPO/TSCOPY, /SAPAPO/VERSION_DELETE_LC_DB, /SAPAPO/VERDELLD, version, version copy, version delete, version create, copy in background, copy orders, copy time series, stocks, Invalid order, Error while calling COM routine, Performance, Consultancy.
You can access maintenance of planning versions via transaction /SAPAPO/MVM or via Easy Access Menu -> Master Data -> Planversionsmanagement. Here you can for instance change, create, copy, and delete your Model/planning version. This note will provide some hints on how to manage the planning version.
    1. Create a Planning Version
      a) A planning version can be created via the transaction /SAPAPO/MVM or via the report /SAPAPO/VERSION_CREATE. Note that this report runs only in 'background'. Please refer to note 433825 for more details.
      b) When you create the active version (000), you have to decide if you will work with ATP or not. In case you want to work with ATP, you must set the flag 'Update from ATP time series'. Once this flag is set or not, it cannot be changed again after the version is created. In order to change it afterwards, you have first to delete the whole active version and create it again. When creating other planning versions, this flag remains inactive.
      c) Known problems that may occur while creating a planning version and possible solutions
  • General error in model- and versionmanagement: This error is due to the fact that in LiveCache the planning version already exists but it cannot be found on database. As a remedy, you have to remove this inconsistency by using the transaction /SAPAPO/OM17.
  • After creating a planning version, it cannot be displayed in transaction /SAPAPO/MVM. The reason is that the system parameters are incorrect. Solution is to switch on buffer synchronisation.
  • Creating planning versions in the background is not possible: apply the note 433825
    2. Copy a Planning Version
      a) The following transactions and report can be used to copy a planning version.
  • Transaction /SAPAPO/MVM: Here, set the cursor to a planning version, click on 'Copy Model/planning version' -> Model/version. In the Copy Model/Planning Version screen, determine whether only master data or both master and transactional data should be copied. If you wishto copy both master and transactional data, you can include also the time series and/or orders by setting the appropriate flag(s). Moreover, you can restrict the orders to be copied using the order type. However, copying orders and time series simultaneously leads sometimes to problems. To avoid these problems, it is recommended to use the transaction /SAPAPO/TSCOPY to copy time series.
  • Transaction /SAPAPO/TSCOPY: This transaction is very effective since it offers you the choice of selecting which data area is going to be copied. For other details, please read instructions in the note 440965.
  • Transaction /sapapo/vercop: This transaction is recommended to be used only with Order data and not with Time Series data. Please, do not check the Time Series box when using /sapapo/vercop.
  • Report /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_TRANS: This report allows you to copy the source version into an existing version. The report does the following actions:
    • First delete all master and transactional data of the target version preserving its name and profiles.
    • Then copy all master and transactional data of the source version to the target version
  • Report /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_PAR (SCM 4.x):This (SCM 4.1)report allows you to copy the source version into an existing version. The report does the following actions:
    • First delete all master and transactional data of the target version preserving its name and profiles.
    • Then copy all master and transactional data of the source version to the target version.
    • Copy and delete data in parallel (see note 916921).
      a) Known problems that may occur while copying a planning version and possible solutions
              The user is requested to check the relevancy of the following notes while copying a planning version and apply any one which should be missing in his system.
  • Consulting issues: Please check first the instructions contained in the following consulting notes:
    • 792803: Version copy: Error 'Invalid planning version'
    • 519146: Incorrect operation dates with planning version copy -> This note is related to assignment of start and end dates to activity when copying a planning version.
    • 440965: Version copy (including time series) terminates -> This note indicates how the user should perform a complete copying of a version including time series.
    • 429422: SAP APO System Requirements for multiple Planning Version -> In this note, you will find a short description of planning version procedures.
    • Consulting issue regarding version copy and synchronous CIF data transfer into active version
                    the synchronous use of CIF data transfer and processing of version copy (from source version 000 into a target planning version) is not recommendable. Thus it is advisable to use an implementation of Business Add-In (BAdI) /SAPAPO/MVM_COPY5 to deactivate the CIF Interface (R/3-APO) during a run of report for copy of active planning version. Further information are also available in note 487261.
  • Dump or SQL errors
                       First check if the instructions in the consulting note 440965 are respected.
    • 792803: Version copy: Return code 30003
    • 669026: Dump when deleting a planning version
    • 668104: Dump in Planversionsmanagement
    • 658208: Short dump with partial copying of a version
    • 655745: Order and suborder have disjunctive validity periods, Return code 77
    • 652622: Version copy: Return code 138
    • 643892: Planning version copy: Dump in function module /SAPAPO/OM_STOCK_GET_BY_UID
    • 641658: Planning version copy: Termination after error
    • 630624: Short dump when planning version generated in the background
    • 613602: Planning vers. copy with iPPE runs too long or terminates
    • 611146: Version copy: Return code 79 and 184
    • 607207: Version copy: SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in /sapapo/opr
    • 601245: liveCache error with version copy with iPPE runtime, return code 164
    • 560517: Version copy: Return code 206
    • 559002: Version copy: Return code 110
    • 536399: Copy planning version: Return code 54, 79.
    • 526392: TL-READ: RSQL 13 in function module /sapapo/tr_trpr -> when copying a version, the job is systematically cancelled with a dump 'DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL' that occurs with the error RSQL 13.
    • 516618: Missing parameter in FORM WRITE_LC_ERROR
    • 515907: Error while calling COM Routine, Return code 206
    • 508241: Error while calling COM Routine, Return code 1602
    • 507178: Copying the planning version: DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR
    • 495912: The dump DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR appears when copying a planning version
    • 485775: Error while calling COM Routine, Return code 242
    • 484505: Version copy: Error message for term. with pegging areas
    • 483820: Termination when copying in background
    • 481935: Error while calling COM Routine, Return code 129
    • 480019: Version copy: Multi-level error propagation execute -> The report /sapapo/version_copy_trans or transaction /sapapo/vercop terminates with the message 'Multilevel error propagation executed'.
    • 455057: Termination while copying version 000
    • 451714: Access using model for /SAPAPO/DM_LOC_MATLOC_GET
    • Termination with 'TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED' ABAP dump: note 449902440965
    • 439150: Version copy terminates with error /SAPAPO/SNP 014
  • Copying orders or stocks
    • scheduling problem of orders during version copy: the start and end dates of the orders in the target version is differentto the same in the source version.
                    The cause for that is the change of planning parameters in the bucket ressource after creation of orders.
                    An order will be created in the source version planned on a bucket ressource (bucket, transport or mix ressource). After order creation the master data of the corrsponding ressource will be changed - the flag "cross-period-activity" or "activity-overlaps-period" in planning parameters. The order becomes inconsitant and the version copy leads to different basic dates.
                    Solution:The master data should be corrected/adjusted and the inconsistent orders should be deleted in both versions.
                    Example: In planning parameters of the transport ressource the flag "cross-perdiod-activity" is set. The duration of the period is 1 day. Create an order with transport duration of 3 days. Afterwards delete the flag for "cross-period-activity" - the created order becomes inconsitant. After version copy you can check that the tranport ressource in the target version also contains a deactivated flag for "cross-period-activity". The activities of the copied order are scheduled at the end of the time stream due to the attribute of the ressource "non-cross-period-activity".
    • Copy of order categories despite of their exclusion
                    In general LiveCache selects orders by input and output nodes and not by order categories. If a category of an output node has been excluded however the order category of the input node is included in the category selection, LiveCache will always establish all output nodes to the selected input node despite of the before defined exclusion.
                    Solution: excluding a certein category of an outpt node the corresponding/depending category of the input node should also be taken out of the selection.
                    Example: Category AI (planned order) should not be taken into account by version copy. However the order category AY (dependend demand) has been included for the copy selection. As a result the system copies into the target version all receipt elements which are connected to the input node with category AY. So the planned orders with category AI will also copied despite former exclusion.
    • 721007: Version copy: Return code 238
    • 792803: Version copy: Error 'Invalid planning version'
    • 666264: Version copy: Amount of copied transaction data not issued in the spool file.
    • 658039: Version copy: new order, invalid order
    • 650138:  Planning version management: ATP backorder processing active indicator.
    • 648781: Stock error messages are not displayed
    • 648473: Version copy: Inadequate error output for stocks
    • 648291: Transaction data for maintenance object not copied
    • 641631: Planning version copy: Selective copying of planning areas
    • 638679: Version copy: Correction to processor-based setup
    • 638653: Copying planning version: Inconsistent profiles
    • 624080: Version copy:Source of supply for model/version copy
    • 619755: Planning version management: Restriction over a period
    • 618025: Planning version management: Copying stocks
    • 615366: Version copy: Different activity dates
    • 614314: The interval fixing disappears when you copy a version
    • 614025: Planning version copy of fixing intervals
    • 611146: Versionskopie: Return code 79 und 184
    • 608614: Version copy: Deallocated orders scheduled acc. to
    • 608165: Copying of planning areas / memory usage
    • 607366: Copy of planning version does not touch MSP object
    • 607207: Version copy: SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in /sapapo/opr
    • 602315: CBF: Problem when copying a version
    • 601245: liveCache error with version copy with iPPE runtime, return code 164
    • 594310: Version copy: incorrect date for order in fixed block
    • 577580: Version copy: Robustness when copying pegging area
    • 560517: Version copy: Return code 206
    • 559002: Version copy: Return code 110
    • 540157: Version copy: Invalid activity
    • 541882: Version copy: Using the report /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_TRANS, the name of the target version is deleted from alert profiles
    • 528483: Version Copy: Termination during copy of the pegging areas
    • 524325: Missing configuration after copying the orders
    • 518106: APO:Releasing/resetting transports in active version
    • 517688: Version copy: transport-planned orders not copied
    • 516898: Authorisation check with the copy/version management
    • 515907: Version copy: Invalid order error message
    • 506932: Version copy: Incorrect dates for dummy activities
    • 500042: Copying planning version: Log enhancement
    • 499508: Copy planning version: Error when writing log table
    • 498810: Copy planning version: Troubleshooting
    • 494589: Copy planning version: Complete copying of the orders
    • 456173: Version copy: Fixed pegging relationships copied in a version copy. Message error 'Invalid order' is issued.
    • 454443: Model / planning version management orders of individual ATP categories are not copied.
    • 453707: Copy planning version: Copy safety stocks
    • 453564: SNP safety stock (copy planning version)
    • 451271: Sales order numbers are not displayed in the product: when copying a version, sales orders are copied without order numbers.
    • 446146: Version copy: Incorrect copy of dynamic setup activities
    • 441950: Planning version copy ignores non-working hours
    • 427455: Copy plan version: Output nodes have differing times
  • Copying time series
    • 641274: CBF: Problem when copying version /SAPAPO/VERCOP
    • 620315: CBF: Problem when copying a planning area (2)
    • 602315: CBF: Problem when copying a version
    • 555865: Version copy: The flag for copying the time series as default is set on the initial screens of the reports for copying a planning version.
    • 514544: Changing the initialization period (rolling)
    • 505151: Initializat. of master data is missing
    • 494025: CBF: Copy data for aggreg. level on non-CBF characteristics -> Copying data in the Copy/version management transaction gives a false success statement if the aggregation level contains non-CBF characteristics
    • 492953: Version copy of the selected planning area data
    • 454524: CBF: Copy/Version management did not work correctly
    • 449544: Local time zones are not taken into account
  • Copying Resources
    • 608165: Copying of planning areas / memory usage
    • 582257: Resources in the liveCache after they are deleted from a model.
    • 568940: Planning version copy regarding definitions in resource
    • 548519: Planning version copy does not copy any orders
    • 532568/>: Error INVALID_RESOURCE in /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_TRANS -> a resource is not found in LiveCache.
    • 517418: "Invalid resource" message in /SAPAPO/VERSION_COPY_TRANS, this message is displayed during the copying of the sales order data.
    • 509211: Resource missing in the liveCache after assignment to a model.
    • 456876: Missing resources in liveCache when copying planning version
    3. Delete a Planning Version
      a) In deleting a planning version, the following transactions or reports can be used:
  • The report /SAPAPO/ACT_VERS_DEL is used to delete only the active version. You should execute this report only if you really need to delete the active version since deletion of active version is the same as deletion of all productive data in the system.
  • With transaction /SAPAPO/MVM, the user can delete the whole plann version (in foreground (manually) or in background) or delete from the planning version some or all transaction data .
  • The transaction /SAPAPO/VERDELLD is used to delete the complete planning version. This report can be executed in foreground as well as in background and the user can also schedule the time the version should be deleted in background (go to programm -> Execute in background -> choose output device -> save).
  • The report /SAPAPO/VERSION_DELETE_LC_DB: see transaction /SAPAPO/VERDELLD. Please never use the report /SAPAPO/VERSION_DELETEsince it is obsolete.
  • The report /SAPAPO/RLCDELETE is used to delete the transactional data, mainly definite orders and/or time series, from a planning version.
      a) Known errors that may occur while deleting a planning version and possible solutions.
    • Order doesn't exist: Check inconsistency between DB and LiveCache using transaction /SAPAPO/OM17.
    • Return code 40: Check inconsistency between DB and LiveCache using transaction /SAPAPO/OM17.
    • Return code 222: The version cannot be deleted because a transactional simulation exists for this version. The transactional simulation should therefore be deleted first via application transaction.
    • Resource not found: Remove all inconsistencies using the report /SAPAPO/CRES_CREATE_LC_RES
    • SDP profiles and jobs are deleted although the flag 'just delete transactional data' is set: Implement note 430708
    • Error 'Invalid key': Apply note 459137
    • After deleting a planning version, objects of this version still exist on database: Implement notes: 460526460354, and460376.
    • 480395: Version copy: Improvement in deleting pegging areas
    • Problem in deleting a version: Apply note 505512
    • Termination occurs when trying to delete a planning version: apply the note 503761
    • Problem with deletion of report variants: apply note 499118
    • 527841: Delete planning version: Error 'The Program 'SAPAPO/RSNPDRP1' is not in the library.
    • 529822:  Delete planning version: Error 'The Program 'SAPAPO/RMSDPDEP' does not exist in the library.
    • 535620: Delete planning version: retain planning version due to inconsistency in LiveCache.
    • 542818: Delete planning version: ATP data are not deleted when deleting active version using the report /SAPAPO/ACT_VERS_DEL.
    • 568617: Termination in deleting a version due to obsolete variant
    • 577818: Correcting inconsistent planning versions with /SAPAPO/OM17
    • 578748: /SAPAPO/OM17: 'Planning version does not exist'
    • 578875: Delete planning version: obsolete function module
    • 595631: Deleting orders in simulation version
    • 615441: Version copy: Improved stability with pegging area
    • 638908: Simsessions are not deleted
    • 640543: Planning version management: deleting report variant
    • 640552: Planning version mgt: Background jobs for planning areas
    • 659784: Create/delete a version without liveCache
    • 669026: Dump when deleting a planning version
    4. Performance Problem

              While copying or deleting a planning version, performance problem may occur. The following notes should help to solve this problem.
    • 651137: Version copy: Improved copy of pegging areas
    • 641720: Too many messages cause a performance problem
    • 637502: Performance problem during version copying
    • 636103:  Copying a planning version: Performance
    • 613602: Planning vers. copy with iPPE runs too long or terminates
    • 497755: Improving performance for copying customer orders for stocks -> Runtimes are long when customer orders for stock are copied between inactive planning versions. This note is cannot be applied for APO 3.0 standard. It is valid for APO 3.1 and for SAP Automotive.
    • 495331: Performance order list
    • 490869: Performance copying planning versions for resources
    • 488078: Performance improvement during the planning process -> The copying of orders from the planning version 000 into another planning version is too slow. This note is cannot be applied for APO 3.0 standard. It is valid for APO 3.1 and for SAP Automotive.
    • 484883: Copy planning version: Improving performance -> Performance is very poor when copying a planning version
    • 480395: Version copy: Improvement in deleting pegging areas
    • 440965: Version copy (including time series) terminates -> The complete copying of a version into a simulation version including the time series via transaction /SAPAPO/MVM terminates or the performance of the version copy is inadequate.

Header Data
Release Status:Released for Customer
Released on:27.04.2006  14:36:12
Master Language:English
Priority:Recommendations/additional info
Primary Component:SCM-APO-MD-VM Version Management
Secondary Components:SCM-APO-SNP Supply Network Planning (SNP)
SCM-APO-PPS Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
SCM-APO-FCS Demand Planning
SCM-APO-MD-VM-CMD Copy Master Data
SCM-APO-MD-VM-CTR Copy Transactional Data (orders and inventories)
SCM-APO-MD-VM-CTS Copy Planning Version SNP/DP Time Series

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