Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Purchase Requisition Transfer from APO to ECC process and error handling

To setup the Purchase Requisition transfer from APO to ECC.
You need to
1. in IMG->Advanced Planning and Optimization->Supply Chain Planning->Supply Network Planning (SNP)->Configure Transfer to OLTP Systems or /n/SAPAPO/SDP110
. change the setting from periodic transfer to immediate transfer based on your application.
2. However, if in /SAPAPO/C4 - Maintenance of global parameters , you change the setting of Recording (Default/Collect Changes/Do not collect changes), it will overwrite the settings you've made in 1.
Do not collect changes in 2 equals immediate transfer in 1.

If you select periodic transfer in 1, or collect changes in 2, you need to go to Process Change Pointers to manually process the transfer, Tcode: /SAPAPO/C5 - Send Planning Results to OLTP

3. If you are using CTM, check in the /n/SAPAPO/CTM, Settings tab, R/3 Integration, if Transfer Mode has been set to transfer or not transfer.

4. Also check /SAPAPO/CP1 - Maintenance of Distribution Criteria. If you want to transfer PREQ from APO to ECC as PIR, you need to Planned Independent Requirement, Location, Logical system and System ID as an entry.

If the External procurement has been register and assigned to appropriate logical system.
When you transfer the Purchase Requisition from APO to ECC. It didn't go through, in the Queue monitor there's a error message saying that the Item Category is not allowed for Document Type ZTP.
Then check the document type setting (IMG->Materials Management->Purchasing ® Define Default Values for Document Type) in ECC and found out that the default setting for Purchase Requsition in ZTP. ZTP is not a standard document type for Purchase Requisition, and it is not recognized in APO. Now I changed it to from ZTP to NB (standard document type for Purchase Requisition). Then the transfer of the Purrqs from APO to ECC go through successfully.
Only thing this setting might affect is in ME51 or ME51N to create a Purchase Requisition, the default document type field will be NB instead of ZTP.


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