Monday, September 15, 2008

Monitoring XML Messages Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Monitoring enables a system administrator to monitor the system. He or she can:

Monitor the processing of messages and message packages

Check message throughput

Execute error and status tracking


You have called the transaction Integration Engine – Monitoring (SXMB_MONI) and the system displays the screen Integration Engine: Monitoring.

Process Flow

Monitoring contains a monitor for processed XML messages (transaction code SXI_MONITOR). This monitor identifies and evaluates all messages processed by the Integration Engine and produces processing statistics for them. The processed messages can be selected according to particular criteria and displayed for evaluation purposes.

Monitoring is also used to access archived XML messages (transaction code SARA with archiving object BC_XMB). These can also be selected according to particular criteria and displayed for evaluation purposes. There are two ways to search for archived messages:

Using an archive

Using a message ID

In both cases the system displays a list of archived messages.

Accessibility users can call the functions of transaction SXBM_MONI directly by using the relevant transaction code.

The Monitoring menu also offers the following functions:


Transaction Code

An overview of archiving and delete jobs in the Integration Engine


An analysis of the persistence layer


A monitor for sync/async communication


Choose the required function. You cannot execute options in the menu that have the locked symbol (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text), because you do not have the required authorization.

The authorizations for the individual functions are tailored to requirements and are assigned as derivations of the role SAP_XI_MONITOR. They are all based on the authorization object S_XMB_AUTH.

The authorization object S_XMB_DSP controls the display of message contents. Unless the user has the authorization S_XMB_ADM (administrator), the system only displays XML messages for the current client.

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