Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) Model

Source: Supply Chain Council

The SCOR® model defines five process types





at four hierarchical levels. At the uppermost level, the process types are defined as shown in Table 2.6. According to the SCC, level 1 of the SCOR® model aims to support companies in making basic strategic decisions regarding its operations in the following, sometimes vaguely formulated areas:

1. Delivery performance,
2. Order fulfillment performance,
3. Fill rate (make-to-stock),
4. Order fulfillment lead time,
5. Perfect order fulfillment,
6. Supply chain response time,
7. Production flexibility,
8. Total SCM cost,
9. Value-added productivity,
10. Warranty cost or returns processing cost,
11. Cash-to-cash cycle time,
12. Inventory days of supply, and 
        13. Asset turns.

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