Thursday, August 12, 2010

Create Creating VirtualProviders


Virtual InfoProvider can be used to read real time data from Livecache without acutally saving data to database.


If you are using a DataSource as the source for a VirtualProvider, you have to allow direct access to this DataSource.



1. In the Data Warehousing Workbench under Modeling, choose the InfoProvider tree.

2. In the context menu, choose Create VirtualProvider.

3. As the type, select VirtualProvider based on data transfer process for direct access.

In terms of compatibility, a VirtualProvider that is based on a data transfer process with direct access can also be connected to an SAP source system using a 3.x InfoSource. See Creating VirtualProvider Based on 3.x InfoSources.

The Unique Source System Assignment indicator controls whether this source system assignment needs to be unique. If the indicator is set, you can select a maximum of one source system in the assignment dialog. If the indicator is not set, you can select multiple source systems. In this case, the VirtualProvider acts like a MultiProvider.

If the indicator is not set, characteristic 0LOGSYS is automatically added to the VirtualProvider when it is created. In the query, this characteristic allows you to select the source system dynamically: In each navigation step, the system only requests data from the assigned source systems whose logical system name fulfills the selection condition for characteristic 0LOGSYS.

4. Define the VirtualProvider by transferring the required InfoObjects. Activate the VirtualProvider.

5. In the context menu of the VirtualProvider, select Create Transformation. Define the transformation rules and activate them.

6. In the context menu of the VirtualProvider, select Create Data Transfer Process. DTP for Direct Access is the default value for the DTP type. Select the source for the VirtualProvider. Activate the data transfer process. See Creating Data Transfer Process for Direct Access s.

7. Activate direct access. In the context menu of the VirtualProvider, select Activate Direct Access. In the dialog box that appears, choose one or more data transfer processes and select Save Assignments.


The VirtualProvider can be used for analysis and reporting in the same way as any other InfoProvider.

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