Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CTM SAP notes category


The various areas in which individual consulting notes are referred to are listed below.

    1. General

Guidelines for note searching in SCM-APO-SNP and SCM-APO-SDM
Note 797264

Release Restrictions for SCM 5.0
Note 832393

    2. SNP-Heuristic

Periodic Lot Sizes in the SNP Heuristic
Note 503109

Using net change planning in SNP heuristic
Note 654235

Adjustment of variants after implementing note 533926
Note 539279

Scheduling logic in the SNP Heuristic
Note 1045636

Heuristic and automatic parallelization
Note 961273

Performance: Tips for improving heuristic performance
Note 991089

Results with direct delivery in the SNP heuristic
Note 912887

Missing unit of measure conversion in the product master
Note 781597

    3. SNP-Interactive Planning

Assignment of users to planning books/data views
Note 445837

Timestream Generation Error
Note 487776

Displaying detailed information in the lower grid
Note 445837

MRP areas in Interactive Planning
Note 663420

    4. SNP-Macros

Generation of Alerts with Exit Macros during a Planning Run
Note 958156

Deletion of not used links to a macros book
Note 359985

Buffering of master data in the SNP
Note 663731

    5. SNP-Deployment Heuristic

Deployment and automatic parallelization
Note 961483

    6. SNP-Optimizer

Locking issue in SNP Optimizer and Deployment
Note 960579

Optimizer provides unclear results
Note 420650

    7. SNP-Deployment Optimizer

Deployment Optimizer ignores reqmts, ATD quantities
Note 701438

    8. SNP-Transport Load Builder

TLB and automatic parallelization
Note 961488

Switching from old to new TLB planning
Note 707828

    9. SNP-Aggregation and Disaggregation

Reports to support standard SNP Hierarcy
Note 992948

    10. SNP-Safety stock Planning

Safety stock is ignored
Note 708910

    11. SNP-Miscellaneous

Values from auxiliary key figures are not extracted
Note 837004

Buffering of master data in the SNP
Note 585382

System upgrade and new installation
Note 722695

Deleting a planning version
Note 663420

    12. Capable to Match

FAQ : Capable-to-Match (CTM) planning
Note 855229

    13. User exits and BAdIs

BAdI Info for Modifying Optimizer Input and Output
Note 542145

CTM: BADI for influencing substitutions
Note 452427

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